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, the george zimmerman trial." the trial is heading into its final stretch. the prosecution calling what could be its next to last witness today. a dna expert and trayvon martin's mother expected to take the stand on friday before the prosecution rests. another big day in a trial that's had nothing but big days so far. martin savidge starts us off. >> reporter: though the symbol to many, the hooded sweatshirt trayvon martin wore the night he was killed is also a key piece of evidence. the state expert said he found no trace of george zimmerman's dna on that sweatshirt, not each on the sleeves or cuffs nearest to the fist the defendant says trayvon martin was hitting him with. and no zimmerman dna was found on martin's fingernails. what about martin's dna, was it found on the gun which by one zimmerman account, the teen actually reached for and touched. >> a swab or the dna that you developed from the pistol grip of the defendant's gun, it was positive for blood, correct? >> yes. >> and then there was a mixture, the major was matched to the defendant, george zimmerman? >> yes. >> and you were a
of the george zimmerman trial starts now. >>> prosecution gets ready to call the final witness. the defense prepares to call theirs. welcome to this special report self defense or murder the george zimmerman trial. the trial is headed to the final stretch. the prosecution calling what could be the next to last witness today. the dna expert. and the mother is expected to take the stand on friday before the prosecution rests. another big day in a trial that's had nothing but big days so far. martin savidge is in the courtroom and starts us off. >> though a symbol to many, the hood sweat shart that trayvon martin wore the night he was killed is a key piece of evidence. the state expert said he found no trace of george zimmerman's dna on the sweatshirt. not even on the sleeves or cuffs, nearest to the fit fists that the defendant says martin was hitting him with and no dna under his fingernails and what about martin's dna? was it found on the gun which by one zimmerman account the teen actually reached for and touch. >> swab you developed from the pistol grip of the defendant's gun was positive
, "self-defense or murder, the george zimmerman trial." self-defense or murder, how the jury sees these injuries could answer that question. as the prosecution tried to show today, are we looking at the kind of cuts and scrapes from a garden variety scuffle, one that didn't have to end with a teenager did on the grass? that wasn't all, as the prosecution tries to struggle from a string of witnesses that at times appear to help the defense. we have our team of legal experts on board tonight. but first, martin savidge sets the stage. >> the injuries to the defendant's back of the head consistent with repeatedly being slammed into a concrete surface. >> reporter: the key reason zimmerman is given for shooting trayvon martin. >> how would you classify the injuries to the defendant's head? >> they were not life threatening. they were very insignificant. they did not require any sutures to be applied. so i would refer to them insignificant injuries. >> reporter: on cross-examination, the defense attorney implied she owed her job to the special prosecutor in the zimmerman case. and then
in a big way. stay tuned. >>> the question today was did george zimmerman face life-threatening injury at the hands of trayvon martin. >> state versus george zimmerman. >> all eyes on the courtroom. >> the lead detective in this case continued his testimony. >> is it against the law for somebody to wear a hoodie at night? >> earlier indications that trayvon martin was committing a crime? >> he believes zimmerman was telling the truth. >> this is george zimmerman's best friend. >> recounting what zimmerman told him about the gun. >> friend said that george zimmerman was shot. >> did you notice in those pictures the cut on mr. martin's knuckle? >> are any of those abrasions life-threatening? >> they always get away. >> we have it on the short delay. in order to mute some of the foul language. >> is the word -- [ bleep ]. >> we'll take you back to the trial right now. >> we're back on the record. >> today, the prosecution called jacksonville medical examiner dr. valerie rao as an expert witness to testify about the injuries george zimmerman said he sustained on the night of february 26th,
with george about this night and other nights george zimmerman knows those phone calls are recorded? >> yes. >> tell me then again he's explaining to you that trayvon martin is walking up and near his vehicle at some point? >> correct. >> came walking from between the town homes down to the sidewalk or the road area was. >> are you taking any notes or just listening to him? >> i'm driving. >> at some point it became apparent to you that mr. zimmerman had stopped his car by the clubhouse, correct? >> yes, he did. >> and trayvon martin came up towards his car and looked in a window or walked partially around it? >> very close. walked around it. they made eye contact several more times. very aware of each other's presence. >> during this second eye contact did george zimmerman relate to you in any way he was angry or anything about trayvon martin or this person who was there has? >> no, not at all. >> he further told you he was still on the phone with non-emergency? >> he remained on. >> then we move forward to i think you said that george zimmerman did what he thought he should to keep trayvo
tried hard to push the medical examiner to talk about george zimmerman's injuries. how important is it for the defense to prove those injuries were severe and substantial in order to prove self-defense. >> it would support the idea that george zimmerman felt his life was in jeopardy. you know, when you have a gun, you have the license to carry a gun, you normally have training. you are taught never to use lethal force unless you're life is in jeopardy. and so, it is important for the medical examiner to talk about the kinds of injuries that george zimmerman sustained. of course, sometimes what appears to be minor injuries can be much more serious. for example, there are situations where people can fall down, bang their head against the sidewalk, develop sub dual hematoma and die. so it is very hard to extrapolate from the wound on the back of the head. we do see george zimmerman has extensive wounds on the top of the head or sides, to the nose, to the back of the head. and it is a major portion of this case. we need to hear exactly what happened to him and we need to break out th
>>> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, george zimmerman in his own words. and fallen heroes in arizona. two big stories that america's talking about this evening. in arizona, 19 brave firefighters lost their lives battling the yarnell fire. deadliest fires since 9/11. >> it's unbearable. i know for many of you. but it is unbearable also for me. >> i'll talk to jan brewer later, and one of the firefighter's best friends. george zimmerman describes what happened moments before trayvon martin's life ended. will the jury believe him? >> we go straight to martin savidge with all the information from the george zimmerman trial. we heard everything coming straight out of george zimmerman's mouth, in what was almost realtime interviews. >> it was. yeah, it was a pretty fascinating day. we got to hear from an audio expert. we got to hear from george zimmerman himself. he never took the stand. >> for the first time, jurors hear george zimmerman's version, what happened the night trayvon martin died, in a tanked police interview. >> i was walking back through t
witness for the prosecution in the george zimmerman murder trial, painting a vivid picture of the violence suffered just moments before the shooting that killed trayvon martin, and he said that one person was on top of the other, and that he could see the colors of their clothing. >> the color of clothing on top, what could you see? >> it was dark. >> how about the color of clothing at the bottom? >> i believe it was a light white or red color. >> so that means the teenager, trayvon martin, wearing that dark clothing, he would have been on top of the neighborhood watchman, zimmerman. but that eye witness still casts some doubt over at least one claim the defendant used to justify self-defense. >> did you ever see the person on top slamming the person on the bottom's head on the concrete over and over and over? >> no. >> did you see at any time the person on top grab the person on the bottom's head and slam it to the concrete? >> no. >> they may prove to be somewhat important because george zimmerman says he pulled the trigger after trayvon martin repeatedly rammed his head into the concret
't, at that moment, take his fist and drive it into george zimmerman's face, do you? >> no, sir. >> the no, sir could be interpreted as she didn't know that, but denying what west is saying. >> in the testimony, there were a lot of questions about race. how did that play out? >> well, you negotiation race has been a key factor in this story from the beginning. that's what took it from a local tragedy into a national debate. today, what don west was trying to say is look, it has been george zimmerman portrayed as a racist. the shoe is on the other foot and pointing in the direction of trayvon martin. listen. >> what did he tell you that made you think it was a racial event? >> the person watching -- keep watching and following you. i used to be stalked from that person. >> what is one thing about what trayvon martin told you that made you think it was racial? >> describing the person. >> what? >> describing the person that was watching and following him, sir. >> he described him as a creepy ass cracker? >> yes. >> it was racial, but it was because trayvon martin put race in this? >> no. >> you don't t
be a buckle swab taken from george zimmerman. >> where does the case stand right now as the prosecution begins to wind down its case? the zimmerman trial in black and white. my exclusive with the man who defended o.j. simpson in his murder trial. i want to begin with cnn's martin savidge, live for us in sanford, florida. martin, another day, another gripping series of witnesses, t happened today. >> a lot of forensics, piers. experts and evidence. much of the afternoon talking about dna, specifically whose dna was found where or not found. and the focus became on the gun. the gun that george zimmerman used to shoot 17-year-old trayvon martin. george zimmerman said at one point trayvon was, he believed, reaching for his gun and may have got a hand on it. what did the dna testing find? take a listen. >> the dna that you developed in the pistol grip of the defendant's gun is positive for blood, correct? >> yes. >> and then there was a mixture. that matched the defendant george zimmerman and you were able toex cloud trayvon martin martin as having dna on the pistol grip, is that correct? >> yes, t
have been listening to testimony regarding george zimmerman's injuries from the chief medical examiner. court is now in a short recess, so let's get right to msnbc's craig melvin, who is at the courthouse in sanford. craig, what's going on right now? >> reporter: you know, what we just saw there was very interesting because this was perhaps, arguably, the first state witness that really sort of held her own with mark o'mara on cross-examination. we should note this is not the same medical examiner, obviously, that performed the autopsy on trayvon martin's body. we got a few very important morsels, if you will, from valerie rao. the first of which right out of the gate she testified that george zimmerman's injuries were, in her words, insignificant. she used that adjective several times to talk about the injuries that he sustained. she also talked a little bit about the injuries not being a result of great force as well. we saw mark o'mara on cross-examination try and discredit her by basically saying that she was appointed by angela cory and as a result implying that her testimony migh
>> good afternoon. this is fox news continuing coverage of the george zimmerman murder trial in central florida. right now the defense attorney is questioning the head medical examiner for seminole county. the medical examiner did not examine the body of trayvon martin, but instead is working off reports and has described zimmerman's injuries to his head as minor. now the defense attorney continues questioning. let's his listen. >> consistent with one but suggested by turning the head in different ways, it could be three. >> three or four? >> with no injury, yes. if the head did not contact, yes. >> how about below the laceration? did you notice that? >> the contusion. >> below. could that have been a separate injury? >> it's possible. >> well, if the head was hit so that just the crown hit the cement one time, let's say his head just snapped back and -- that could have caused one of the lacerations, correct? >> yes. so close to each other. that's the approximately that really kind of makes it possible. >> i appreciate that. so, if the head was tilted one way and then smacked
, george zimmerman, right? >> that's what it looked like. >> reporter: he was watching from his patio about 15 to 20 feet away. zimmerman that night was wearing a red and blackjack et, martin a dark hooded sweatshirt. >> the color of clothing on top, what could you see? >> it was dark. >> okay. how about the color of clothing on the bottom. >> i believe it was white or red color. >> reporter: that's not all good says she saw. he witnessed physical blows being thrown and mix the marshall arts. >> what you saw was the person on top in an mma style straddle position, correct? >> correct. >> that was further described, was it not, as being ground and pound? >> correct. >> reporter: good also testified about one more key question, that voice screaming for help in the darkness he believes belonged to zimmerman. >> the voice screaming for help however many times that you heard it, it was just one person's joyce? >> when i heard it outside? i believe it was just one person's voice, yes. >> and you now believe that that was george zimmerman's voice, correct? >> i never said that. >> do you believe -
're watching live, continuous coverage of the george zimmerman, a trial that has captivated the country. they are in a recess right now. in a few minutes the recess will be over, the trial will resume and we'll take you right back to that trial. george zimmerman, as you know, faces second degree murder charges for shooting 17-year-old trayvon martin, who was unarmed. but all along zimmerman has said the shooting was in self-defense. prosecutors are trying to show zimmerman not only profiled martin, but that he followed the teen and misled police about how the fight with martin went down. the state started out today fairly strong with key testimony from the lead investigator on the case but things fizzled fast when prosecutors called an unusual witness to the stand, george zimmerman's best friend. then came a crucial account of george zimmerman's injuries from the chief medical examiner. before we show you some of the highlights from today's testimony, let's bring in marcia clark, former lead prosecutor for the o.j. simpson murder trial and author of "killer ambition." she's joined by cn
tonight. and i don't remember much after that. >> lisa, that sounds like george zimmerman is talking about john manolo, the person who came out with a flashlight. he says he said to him, help me, he's killing me but john didn't testify to that. is that a problem for the defense. >> it's absolutely a problem for the defense. every inconsistency in his story is a problem for george zimmerman. that's why most defense attorneys don't want defendants talking to law enforcement. you have the right to remain silent. most defense attorneys want their clients to exercise it. he did not do that. he gave multiple statements inconsistent with his own story or another witness he's story that's a problem for him. >> chris serrino is on the stand now testifying. let's go back and listen in. >> you wanted us to believe that you were concerned about having a flashlight to move back where you just ran? what's up with that? >> it sounds like you're looking for him. >> you brought a flashlight with you. >> yes. >> what if you don't see him. >> i'm going to catch the bad guy. >>> the punk can'
today. it is the george zimmerman murder trial coming to the close of week two. this is the 4th of july holiday, but boy do we ever have a lot of evidence to sift through and a lot of legal discussions and things you probably have not seen in this courtroom because there have been competing lead stories throughout the day yesterday when testimony was at its thickest, egypt had its uprising, so we have a lot of testimony to get you familiar with. first, though, we here in america celebrate independence day, as i mentioned, egypt is beginning a new era of political uncertainty. we're just getting word now from reuters that egyptian security forces have arrested the supreme guide of the muslim brotherhood. i'm taking you to live pictures of tahrir square where you can see numerous people, but certainly not the crowds there yesterday. here's what's happened since then. there was a swearing in of a brand new leader. his name is adly mansour. sworn in as interim president. they were careful to let people around the world know he was interim, not final. all of this after the nation's first dem
getaway now and feel the hamptonality >>> tragedy in arizona and george zimmerman on trial in florida. we're following developments this hour. a news conference set to begin on the tragic deaths of 19 elite firefighters in arizona. we'll take you there live. >>> a police officer takes the stand and the jury hears her recording with zimmerman the night he shot trayvon martin. this is cnn newsroom. we begin with the country's deadliest wildfires. 19 members of an elite squad killed battling a fire. this is a group picture showing members of the team. we don't know if status of the individuals in that photo. we know this is a devastating blow to their families, the community as well as that department. the squad was from prescott arizona. we expect to hear from the fire chief, mayor as well as the arizona governor. that is happening this hour. i want to bring in stephanie in prescott. i can't even imagine what will this community is going through here. the sense of loss. >> it's unbelievable. it's almost unbearable. as we drove here to arizona overnight and by the time we got here and the su
following this significant and remarkable story developing, the george zimmerman second degree murder trial. yet again testimony is dramatic. just when you thought it got barring because they got to the dna. not a chance. which side had a stronger case today? legal analysts weigh in on this. also, the gun, key piece of evidence used to kill martintra martin does the type of gun that george zimmerman was carrying prove that this was self defense or murder? let's play: [ all ] who's new in the fridge! i help support bones... [ ding! ] ...the immune system... [ ding! ] ...heart health... [ ding! ] ...and muscles. [ ding! ] that can only be ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help you eat right. [ major nutrition ] nutrition in charge. the people who came before us. the good they did inspires us, prepares us and guides us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools intr
to turn away from. the george zimmerman trial is in recess. we'll bring it to you live once they return from lunch. they're getting back to business inside that courtroom. you're watching cnn news room. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. george zimmerman trial set to resume any minute now. they broke for lunch more than an hour ago. jurors have been listening to a fifth day of dramatic testimony. the last witness offered different account from previous witnesses about what happened the night zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. george is howell outside the court in sanford florida. jane velez-mitchell is joining us from new york. george, zimmerman's neighbor, george good, he's a state witness but he corroborates zimmerman's story he was being pummelled in that fight. tell us about the testimony that occurred today. we don't have george. maybe jane can brief us. are you there? >> i am. jonathan good is good for george zimmerman because he corroborates his story. he says he heard a tussle, goes outside and the person he describes as being on the bottom fits the description i
of the george zimmerman murder trial. the jury heard a taped police interview of zimmerman giving his version of the events the night of the shooting, key testimony from an audio voice analyst who said it was impossible to determine the age of the person screaming on the 911 tape the night of the shooting. watch this. >> i have to render my final conclusion, that type of, you know, voice sample is not fit for the purpose of voice comparison, and this kind of, you know, judgment is based upon the research and also common sense type of understanding among the community. >> so you concluded based upon finding out you what told us about, 18, 16, and 3 seconds and the type of recording that you couldn't make a comparison, am i understanding that right? >> that's correct. >> doctor, have you yourself made a sense in actually taking exemplars and able to estimate the age or at least the general age of the speaker with prior samples? >> it occurred to me, but i decided it was not possible to determine. >> on this one? >> on this particular case. >> but you've done that before? >> yes. i have analyzed
and waiting as we have bins been continuing this live coverage of the george zimmerman trial. let me roll back and explain to you what you have seen or if you're just joining us. what they're doing is they've just come back from this lunch recess. for the last ten minutes or so they have been showing inside this courtroom the shawn hannity interview. this interview happened the 18th of july which hasn't even been a year since then in which mark o'meara, his defense attorney, and george zimmerman sat and gave this explanatory back and forth with hannity. now we're waiting. we watched the doors open to see who then awe then at this cates the tape that we just saw. so we're going to learn together and i'm going to stop talking here in a minute. carry hackett joining me in studio. mike brooks, hln law enforcement analyst. been watching in the weeds this trial as we all have. so we wait. it's interesting in this trial in particular where we don't know. a lot of times we get witness lists. we don't hear. why? >> well, there is a prospective witness list but we don't have a witness list of everyone w
was called by the state to examine this question given the injuries that we saw on george zimmerman's head, was he truly in danger of being killed himself? images of george zimmerman bloodied and beaten up. important visuals for his defense, trying to show that zimmzim erman's head was slammed against the sidewalk and he had to fire his gun to save his own life. that is not the way jacksonville-based medical examiner sees it. >> are the injuries consistent with having been repeatedly slammed into a concrete surface? >> no. >> after examining dozens of pictures rao testified that the injuries were not life threatening, consistent with being punched or hitting a concrete surface once. but during cross-examination, rao admitted when pressed by attorney mark o'mara he could have been hit several times. mark osterman said zimmerman gave him the play-by-play what happened the night he shot and killed trayvon martin, enough detail for osterman to write a book. >> you quoted him as saying he took my hand and covered my nose. what words did he other? >> he said, you're going to die. he used the mf
, were george zimmerman's injuries really life threatening? that was one of the key questions raised today in his second-degree murder trial. today a medical examiner testified that the injuries mr. zimmerman allegedly received from trayvon martin that night were, quote, insignificant, a claim that could undermine his claim of self-defense. also today, the lead investigator testified mr. zimbabwe may have profiled trayvon martin the night he shot him, acting out of, quote, ill will and spite. and jurors heard a tv news interview george zimmerman gave nearly a year ago in which he said he had no regrets about his decisions the night of the shooting. a dramatic day in court, but perhaps the key testimony came from that medical examiner who did not perform the autopsy on trayvon martin, but who was asked to review the evidence by the state. she offered her expert opinion on mr. zimmerman's injuries. >> are any injuries in this photograph life-threatening? >> no. >> why not? >> he has no loss of consciousness whatsoever. he didn't have to go to the hospital. he went to a clinic. >> are a
attributed to george zimmerman. sometimes she left out the racial remarks that trayvon martin made of zimmerman. it went back and forth like that. and other times it seemed like it became less about the testimony and more about a test of wills. take a listen. >> so the last thing you heard was some kind of noise, like something hitting somebody? >> trayvon got hit. >> you don't know that, do you? >> no. >> you don't know that trayvon got hit. >> he -- >> you don't know that trayvon at that moment take his fist and drive it into george zimmerman's face, do you? >> no, sir. >> reporter: the no sir could be interpreted is that she's denying what don west is saying. it went back and forth. >> her testimony today, there were a lot of questions and clarifying about race. how did that play out? >> reporter: well, you know, race, of course, has been a key factor in this story ever since the beginning. in fact, many say that's what took it from a local tragedy and propelled it to a national debate. but today what don west was trying to say is look, it's been george zimmerman that's been por
turning point in the george zimmerman murder trial. witness after witness takes the jury back to the night trayvon martin was killed and who some are calling a major blow to the prosecution, a neighbor told the prosecution about two men struggling to the ground. >> going back to when they were vertical, i could tell the person on the bottom had a light erskined color. >> defense attorney mark o'mara then kneeled down to demonstrate the tussle between zimmerman and martin. >> the person on the top was back against where? >> it was the same person that was on top whether they were t shaped to the sidewalk. >> so they did not -- >> colors. >> i'm sorry sorks th, they did change positions, did that? >> a lot to get to tonight involving star witness rachel jeantel, the high school classmate joins me in a moment for an exclusive interview. this is "piers morgan live." >>> martin, dramatic day today and if to date we felt that perhaps the state was beginning to win the argument, today very much a better day you would say for the defense? >> reporter: absolutely and ironically, piers, the witnesse
prosecution wraps its case, you know, to put george zimmerman on the stand i think would be something devastating for the defense because then live in a courtroom, george zimmerman would have to account for those discrepancies in evidence and testimony and for me the number one discrepancy is trayvon martin's hands. goldie brought it up. i've written about this many tiles. how is it possible that trayvon martin's hands went from being spread out by zimmerman to completely under his body within less than a minute before police and other people came out outside to see what was going on. >> goldie taylor final thought. if it struck you that the video show a confrontation ta took place around the first house in that at twin lakes but the actual body was found about three houses in. your final thoughts. >> i think when we begin to hear the physical evidence in this case, i suspect that it may contradict some of the things that george zimmerman said in his initial interview and follow on interviews with police officers. i think you may find that george zimmerman that the physic
the jury hears george zimmerman in his own words in the trial today. that's next. >>> and tonight's "rewrite" is about rachel jeantel's testimony in the case last week. >>> and later, new revelations from ed snowden. he broke his silence today. new statements released by him as he remains stuck in the moscow airport. what do you drive? i drive a ford fusion. who is healthier, you or your car? i would say my car. probably the car. cause as you get older you start breaking down. i love my car. i want to take care of it. i have a bad wheel - i must say. my car is running quite well. keep your car healthy with the works. $29.95 or less after $10 mail-in rebate at your participating ford dealer. so you gotta take care of yourself? yes you do. you gotta take care of your baby? oh yeah! folks have suffered from frequent heartburn. but getting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. they have no idea what it was like be
gun in the george zimmerman trial. zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder for the shooting death of trayvon martin in february, 2012. a shooting he claims was in self defense. joining us from sanford, florida, on the record host greta vansusteren who was in the courtroom for the dramatic testimony. there's no one better to see and hear the drama than you. give us a sense what went down from your perspective. >> eric, it was fascinating being in the courtroom. i watched it on television, but when you're actually inside and get to see the players, fascinating to see the prosecutors and the defense lawyers, then there's the defendant, the one in such deep trouble, and who could end up going to prison for a long time. if you swing your eyes to the other side of the courtroom, you see the family of trayvon martin, obviously grief stricken, they're there to find out what happened. and it is terrible, both sides have a hostility from the defense and prosecution and you have the jury, and it is only six people here in florida, unlike most juries where there are abo
happened during and immediately after trayvon martin's deadly encounter with george zimmerman. one neighbor saw their struggle up close and provided testimony. was zimmerman or martin the aggress aggressor. i'll speak with trayvon martin's stepmother. she says she lost a child she raised, the young man she calls not just a stepson but a son. >> i'm the one that took him to the football games. i'm the one that was there when he was sick. >> we'll hear more from her shortly. first, martin savidge. >> reporter: what jonathan good saw the night trayvon martin died goes to the heart of the zimmerman case. >> that night that you saw the person who you now know to be trayvon martin was on top, correct? >> correct. >> and he was the one who was raining blows down on the person on the bottom, george zimmerman, right? >> that's what it looked like. >> reporter: good lives in the subdivision where the shooting took place. he was watching from his patio about 15 to 20 feet away. zimmerman that night was wearing a red and blackjack et. market, a dark hooded sweatshirt. >> the color of clothing on top wh
that george zimmerman was apparently elated there was a video when we -- of course, we now know officer serino during that so-called challenge interview bluffed there was a videotape of the altercation. zimmerman said that he would have, you know, been excited about the prospect of such a video. we also heard from officer serino that the positioning of the body, positioning of trayvon martin's body, showed that picture, positioning was inconsistent with what george zimmerman told him. also, very interesting, and towards the end there we heard that officer serino found that unbelievable that zimmerman cannot remember three of the streets in that gated condo complex. he said that was something that would raise flags. you just played a snippet of what was probably the most powerful bit of dem this morning, the idea that officer serino said at this point there was no evidence to suggest that 2 gun, nine millimeter gun, was actually pressed against trayvon martin's chest. instead he said that based on the evidence it appeared as if he was over him and with the shirt hanging off, mark o'mara demonst
>>> good evening. you saw it with your own eyes, george zimmerman's bleeding scalp and bloody nose. the big question, were those injuries life threatening? were they even serious? the medical examiner weighs in and experts weigh in tonight. >>> also, in the hour ahead a "360" exclusive, mark o'mara joins me talking about his cross-examination in response to some of the questions the prosecution is raising about his client's credibility. >>> later, a story of survival from the arizona inferno, how a single member of the elite team of firefighting hot shots made it out alive when 19 others did not. we begin with the zimmerman trial and a key day for the prosecution. try to knock down the notion that george zimmerman fired the shot that killed martin in self-defense. during a life and death struggle and not a garden variety brawl. central to that prosecution efforts, refuting the claims trayvon martin repeatedly slammed his head into the sidewalk. our own forensic experts weighs in but first martin savidge has that. >> reporter: prosecutors switch from using zimmerman's words against
the case. >> you wrote a book where you quoted what the defendant, george zimmerman, told you, correct? >> correct. >> and you recall in that book writing, do you have a problem with that, that's what he said trayvon martin said? >> right. correct. >> reporter: in that book, he says zimmerman said martin tried to reach for the weapon on his hip, actually touching the gun. >> the defendant is claiming that the victim actually grabbed the gun, grabbed the -- >> that was my understanding, that he grabbed the gun. >> reporter: but a latent print technician found no trace of martin's prints but conceded rain could have washed it away. >> so fingerprints may have exited on an item that you have lift a latent from and there be no latents whatsoever, correct? >> correct. >> even though it's been handled by two or three people? >> that's correct. >> reporter: osterman wrote that zimmerman held down his hands, fearing he might be still be a threat, but the teen's hands were underneath his body. >> you call that being underneath his body? >> yes, sir. >> could someone say that was inconsistent? >
hustled, he beat us out, he got an interview with george zimmerman early on. the prosecution played that video for the jury as a statement of the defendant. what they were attempting to do is show a couple things, one of the things he said to sean was that he didn't know about the stand your ground defense in florida, so the prosecution put that out. then what they tried to do later in the day was to say george zimmerman knows all about this law, stand your ground defense, and that the reason he told the exculpatory stories to the police officers, video taped and audio taped is because he knew the law. the prosecution wants to prove that by rolling out course work he had taken in criminal justice work. that stood out. sean hannity was the star of the show today and got the interview nobody else did. some other interesting points. last night, end of the day the defense asked the detective on the stand, this is a state's witness, the detective or chief officer over the investigation, and asked him did he believe george zimmerman, because george zimmerman had given all these exculpator
reports" -- the latest from the george zimmerman trial. the lead detective in this case continuing his testimony today, shedding new light on zimmerman's physical struggle with trayvon martin. our legal team is standing by. we'll have them, as well as the trial. when it gets under way we'll take you there live. >>> honoring 19 heroes. the town of prescott, arizona is reeling today from the loss of the fearless firefighters. hotshots who died fighting the fast moving fire 85 miles outside phoenix. this morning the wife of andrew ashcraft, one of those firefighters who died monday, paid tribute to her husband and his fallen comrades on "today." >> in our time of mourning we want people to know that they were heroes, that they were heroes in our homes, they are heroes in our community, they are rehose for the community that they helped. our kids will remember them as heroes as well. >>> to cairo. more anti-government demonstrations fill tahrir square today as the clock ticks down for president mohamed morsi. he has until tomorrow to address the protesters' demands or the military steps in
. good morning to you from sanford is, florida, just outside the courtroom where george zimmerman is on trial. it is wednesday, july 3rd, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm craig melvin in for chuck todd today. right now, you are looking live inside the courtroom where we expect the jury to be brought in momentarily. right now, the attorneys are wrapping up a hearing on whether george zimmerman's school studies in criminal justice can be brought up in court. prosecutors are hoping to show that will zimmerman was familiar with florida's semifinal defense laws hoping that will help them bowl center their thoroughly zimmerman was a quote, wannabe cop. they've been at it for about 308 minutes now. the state as you can see perhaps using om power point slides to try and make their case. the defense, of course, wants to exclude the evidence including coursework and transcripts of classes that zimmerman took in college as well as his job application to the prince william county police department and there was an application to ride along with sanford police. joining me now legal analy
more to being trayvon martin's voice or george zimmerman? >> any doubt of who is on the tape is helpful to the defense. in asking the doctor about wouldn't it be not in the best interest for a layperson to try to guess whoever is screaming on the tape if the experts can't analyze it. they're trying to plant a seed in the jurors' minds that it's going to be difficult for you to take a guess here. but you're right. what they're doing is setting the townation. they don't want the jury to be confident when they listen to this tape. making a determination about who's screaming. if they can decide who is screaming, that person was not the aggressor at that particular time. >> and one of the main issues we're discussing today is who was screaming on that tape. another one we heard a lot about last week was who was on top in that scuffle. because they may speak to who was the aggressor and the perceived victim here. we heard contradictory testimony from the witnesses on who they believe was on top during that fight. how are they to make sense of that if the witnesses can't even agree what they
the courtroom in the murder trial of george zimmerman, accused of murdering trayvon martin, an unarmed teen-ager. the jury is being escorted out right now and the attorneys are speaking with the judge in a private side bar. so we're going to review the very interesting developments today. the murder trial has brought a renewed focus to issues of race, racial profile, self-defense and captivated the country, not just because of what we know but for all the things we don't know and possibly never will. prosecutors are out to shatter claims that zimmerman killed 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense but the state's case today took a bizarre turn when one witness was asked to give testimony that seemed to back up some of zimmerman's claims. john goode lives in the subdivision where the confrontation took place. he's one of the few people who actually saw some of what went down. here's some of his testimony where he seems to imply he saw trayvon martin on top of george zimmerman. >> in terms of describing the individuals, are you able to describe their faces or anything or just clothing des
both tonight and other nights, george zimmerman certainly knows that those phone calls are recorded. correct? >> yes. >> so tell me then again, he's explaining to you that trayvon martin is now walking up and sort of near his vehicle at some point? >> correct. came walking from between the town homes down to where the sidewalk or road area was. >> are you taking any notes at this point or are you just listening to -- >> i'm driving. >> okay. so at some point it became apparent to you that mr. zimmerman had stopped his car by the clubhouse. correct? >> yes, he did. >> and that trayvon martin then came up towards his car, either looked in the window -- >> very close. they made eye contact several more times, very aware of each other's presence. >> during this this sort of second eye contact, did george zimmerman relate to you in any way that he was angry or -- >> no. >> -- anything about trayvon martin or this person that was there? >> no, not at all. >> and he further told you that he was still on the phone with non-emergency. right? >> he remained on, correct. >> so then we move for
>>> good evening, everyone. welcome to our special continuing coverage of the george zimmerman trial. tonight, a big ruling and high drama in the courtroom. the prosecution putting their star witness on the stand, a female friend who was on the phone with him as the fatal confrontation began. from the initial questioning to the cross-examination ran the gamete. we're going show a lot of it tonight to you. a warning as well as. some of the language was harsh in the courtroom. so if you would rather not hear it, we'll tell you when to turn the volume down. here's randi kaye's report. >> reporter: rachel jeantel and trayvon martin were old friends, and contrary to reports, they were only friends. >> you weren't in any way his girlfriend? >> no. >> reporter: the two reconnected just weeks before trayvon martin's death. on the night he died from the other end of the phone line, she was, in a sense, within earshot of the tragedy as it unfolded. that's why she's the state's star witness, the only one they think who can tell trayvon's side of the story. >> what was he complaining about
's controversial president get out or else. now, the president has responded. plus, george zimmerman's best friend on what his buddy told him about the deadly confrontation with trayvon martin. >> he said that trayvon had reached down and grabbed for the gun. >> the defense team argues he didn't start the fight even if he was following the teenager. >> anything wrong with following somebody like that. >> legally speaking, no. don't the key moments from today's testimony and how they could effect the case. and one of those key moments came from a medical examiner at the murder trial of george zimmerman. a medical examiner who said george zimmerman's injuries were insignificant. however that medical examiner's testimony is controversial. the medical examiner didn't actually examine george zimmerman after he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin last year. she only looked a a report on zimmerman's injuries and viewed photos and video of him. still, the medical examiner says she saw enough to know that nobody repeatedly slammed george zimmerman's head on to the sidewalk as he claims. >> are the i
into the defendant's car? >> that's what george zimmerman is explaining happens. >> okay. go ahead. >> then when i asked him draw a line where you say after trayvon leaves you where he ends up when he's out of your sight. that's the arrow that goes straight and ends up behind the houses right there. if you go up a bit it's right behind the house where he loses sight of him. he follows the street around. >> that's where the defendant claims that he lost sight of trayvon martin? >> yes. >> okay. now, you also have something here and i can't make out what that is, but it's pink and it's some kind of writing there. tell me the san francisco ignif that. >> it leaves the clubhouse. i asked him to draw where he goes from there. he initially wrote that he stopped there but scribbled that out to change where the car ends up a little more forward. >> right here? >> if that's where it says car. >> okay. he originally had it here and it moves here. a what happens over here? >> that where he says trayvon circled his car. >> where that circle is and the x that's where the defendant claims trayvon martin came up
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